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Student Testimonials

Veterinary Technology Graduate

"I chose to enroll at Stautzenberger College because of the professionalism of the staff from the moment I made the first phone call thru the intake and tour, they answered all of my questions fully. 


What I liked the most about Stautzenberger is difficult to pin point.  First and foremost are the instructors, they want you to succeed and if you are in need of any extra help, they MAKE the time to meet with you and help you.  The entire staff showed that they cared about your success.  I felt as if the instructors pushed hard enough without making the student feel incompetent, they make you think about the why, the how and the what?  The instructors were REAL people, they had happy and sad stories, they made sure you understood that the profession you were studying for was difficult, but also extremely rewarding.  There was no sugar coating reality.


I have gained self-assurance, knowing that I worked hard and achieved what I set out to do; work with animals.  I have gained I believe, long lasting relationships with people who have similar passions that I have.  I have gained a future that I can expand however I choose, whether I want to specialize or stay where I am at, as long as I have a love for animals I will always be needed somewhere.


As far as recommendations go, Stautzenberger gets a high recommendation.  My success equals your success.  If you have questions, you can call or go into the campus and someone WILL help you.  I have done that personally on a few occasions.  The career placement help was phenomenal.  The staff spent hours with me helping me with resumes and mock interviews and constructive feedback, not only from them but from the prospective employers we interviewed with.


Overall, the college has a relaxing environment with plenty of resources available and top notch instructors.  If, as a student enrolled at Stautzenberger, you are committed to working hard and doing your best, the staff will work with you if you need accommodations.  I do not believe at another facility I would have received such individual attention that I received there.  I would love to see former students afforded an opportunity to come and talk with new students about what they really should expect with their choice of a career as an RVT. "



Sam Donnelly-2012 Graduate

Court Reporting Student/ Graduate

"I cannot say enough wonderful things about my experience with Court Reporting Program at Stautzenberger College.  I transferred to this college three years ago, a decision that was very hard to make, and I'm so glad I did.   The instructors in this program are experienced court reporters and know all too well about the trial and tribulations of mastering this skill.  They have made these past three years fun and exciting for me as I took on this task of becoming a confident and professional court reporter."

Katie Nero

Court Reporting Student/ Graduate

"Court reporting has turned out to be the most fascinating and lucrative career I could have ever imagined. It definitely took hard work and determination to complete the training, but having such enthusiastic and supportive teachers and staff members made it that much easier to excel. Thanks to them, not only have I learned the basics of court reporting, but I also have a greater sense of professionalism and self-discipline."

Tracy Kvasnicka

Vet Tech Student/ Graduate

"The staff was eager to help me seek and obtain my goals. I enrolled at Stautzenberger College, which gave me a quality education and enable me to pass the National Veterinary Technician Exam. Stautzenberger had a flexible program [that allowed me] to continue working. I now have a fulfilling job and career doing work I truly love and enjoy."

Patricia Krohn

Paralegal Student/ Graduate

"I would like to express how much I enjoyed by two years of study in the Paralegal Program at Stautzenberger College.    I would like to thank every one of my instructors and the staff at Stautzenberger for helping me along the way.  The encouragement was awesome! The overall practical knowledge I was provided through family law, real estate law, criminal law, and research and writing all are there to be used almost every day. The instructors were excellent and always seemed to make the subjects fun and interesting."

Marcia Lawson

Veterinary Technology Student/ Graduate

"The school was filled with eager new students and enthusiastic instructors. I felt welcomed the moment I walked in the door. My experience at Stautzenberger College has been both fulfilling and rewarding every step of the way. Each instructor, I had made my learning experience that much more worthwhile and I would recommend this school to anyone looking to further their career in veterinary medicine."

Amanda Butts


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