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High School Students

Welcome High School Students!

Congratulations!  You are approaching your high school graduation and making decisions to shape the next chapter of your life!  Getting a college degree is a fantastic next step and we are pleased that you are considering careers that you are passionate about.  At Stautzenberger College, Brecksville, learning what you love is not just our motto; it is our mission and driving force.   We truly believe that learning what you love not only leads to professional success but to personal success and satisfaction as well.

If you are looking to follow your calling and prepare for a career that truly speaks to you, learning from instructors that share your passion, than Stautzenberger College, Brecksville, is the right choice for you.  Talk to a current or past student and you will see that our students enroll because they are passionate about careers they can believe in and enjoy. They also understand how important it is to learn from faculty who share that passion, who practice in their field of study, and who understand which skills our students will need to succeed.  Our students come to learn what they love and they stay because they love all that we have to offer.  With degree options in veterinary technology, business, paralegal studies, personal fitness and many other careers, we can help you prepare for a career that you love.

As you continue planning for your college education and career that you are passionate about, call us to arrange for a visit so you can experience the Stautzenberger difference today.  Let us help you learn what you love.

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