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Operation Nip-Tuck spayed and neutered 98 cats in one day!

Operation Nip-Tuck Spayed and Neutered 98 Cats in One Day!

Volunteers, collaborative partners, and friends of Public Animal Welfare Society (PAWS) Ohio on June 2nd spayed and neutered 98 cats in one day! Stautz's own Amanda Butts and Dr. Lisa Snyder lead a fantastic medical team to make the day a resounding success!

Amy Beichler, Executive Director of PAWS Ohio noted "We spayed and neutered 98 cats in one day!  I want to thank EVERYONE involved. There were so many births prevented because this team came together, worked for hours to make life better for both felines and their owners.  Over and over these owners expressed words of  thanks because they could not find a way to do it without this team."

Images of their work is provided below:  



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